ThunderBolt Stockwhips

The famous Steel Bellied Kangaroo hide Australian Stockwhip.
Stockwhips play an important part in our Australian culture.
The very words themself conjure up visions such as the Man from Snowy River when he "swung his stockwhip round and gave a cheer" as he bravely jumped his horse down the deadly mountain side.
Our unique history prides itself on the legends and folklore of our early settlers, and the humble old stock whip was there through it all.
As much a part of a stockmans attire as was his old slouch hat.
The team here at Thunderbolt Whips are from the bush and continue to make this famous old tool, much the same way the old saddler did years ago.
Times though have changed, but the old whip never really did.
Keen to remain true to tradition, most whip makers continue to make their whips the way they were shown by their instructors, and there's nothing wrong with that.
The old way is that way because it works, it's as simple as that.
The team here at Thunderbolt Stockwhips believe that you can improve the traditional whip with the aid of modern technology.
For example, if the belly of the whip was plaited around a specially prepared stainless steel rope, it would lay out better when being cracked.
You only need to try it once to see that its true.
Thunderbolt Stockwhips, due to this unique feature, are easier to crack than a Stockwhip plaited around a conventional leather belly.
Next came the handle.
Thunderbolt Stockwhips could see that whilst a round handle did make plaiting easier, it wasn't necessarily the most effective shape when it came to using a whip.
We decided to find a handle design that would enable the whip to be used quickly and efficiently.
The result is our unique pistol grip.
Based on the simple quick draw design of the famous Colt Peacemaker, we shaped the handle into a comfortable, great to hold addition to each whip.
The feedback has been fantastic, with most who use it saying they love it, and some have asked to swap their handle for the unique Thunderbolt design.
So whilst we stick to the tried and true methods in making our beautiful 12 plait Kangaroo hide Stockwhips, we feel that the addition of these two unique features places Thunderbolt Stockwhips, well above their competition in relation to value for money and quality construction.
You can see pictures of the various stages of construction of one of our whips in the Gallery section of this website.
Now let me introduce our Main whips.
The Taipan
This whip is named of course after the highly venomous snake of the Australian interior and Far North.
This whip is designed for use in the Yards or for Competition Cracking, it comes in a 3 tone overlay and is 4 foot long, but has a variety of colour and handle combinations available, and also comes in a variety of sizes up to 5.5ft
The Tiger
This whip is named after our the Australian Tiger snake.
At 6ft long and banded like its namesake, this is a quality whip designed for use on horseback, and if preferred we can make the Tiger to 8ft.
Again both whips have 2 bellies, the first is carefully prepared Stainless Steel wire, the next is an 8 plait kangaroo hide overlay and finally the Grade 1 three tone 12 plait of the final overlay.
All yolks are quality kangaroo hide taken from the butt of the hide for extra strength.
The pistol grip handle is modelled on the handle of a Colt Peacemaker and feels excellent to hold in the hand.
Once you wrap your hand around a Thunderbolt pistol grip you will be hooked.
We decided that after testing both plaited and unplaited grips, that the Whip worked better and was more comfortable to hold for extended periods, without a plaited hand grip.
So we left the handgrip bare and put a 12 plait overlay over the rest. This looks great and works a treat!
After you try it you will be thinking why hasn't someone thought of this before!
So let your curiosity get the better of you and order one today, every eye in the yard will be on you, and everyone will want to try it out.
Best regards
The team at Thunderbolt Stockwhips!